Author: Marcia Savage

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Genre:  Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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Female Sleuths
When the body of a woman is found, two unknown female sleuth get entangled in a crime when determining who killed her and why.

The Girls Day Out
When a girl is murder in a football team’s locker room the girls her boyfriend is blamed for a crime he didn’t commit; Martha and Cynthia visit to the crime scene leads to a shocking discovery.
To Catch a Killer
Randall Stone investigates the death of a friend and believes an ex-girlfriend may be responsible for two murders in Franklin County. But this web of deceit grows deeper when Stone discovers a slug of hot lead maybe the only way out.
Bloody Tears
A wealthy man named Jim Ryan retain Randall Stone you to find his brother. Ryan’s brother Ray was released from prison five days ago and sent a letter threatening Ryan’s life. When the millionaire’s found dead in his home, the brother holds the key to the mystery.
Everyone Dies
When a man is found shot in Randall Stone’s apartment, he believes the dead man may be hiding a sinister secret. And if Stone doesn’t stay on his toes, the investigation may lead him to the same fate.
Cold Dead Eyes
When Earl, a professional magician, uses insanity as the defense for murder, Randall Stone comes to a shocking conclusion that will keep you guessing to the stocking end.
Child’s Play
Martha and Cynthia investigate a robbery at a diamond display that has claimed the life of a security guard.
An Act of Murder
Randall Stone investigates into a missing person case that reveals a possible gambling racket and a team of thugs that’ll cut your throat to keep their illegal operation going.
Cold Dead
When a train company’s owner is found dead in a cab with private eye Judy Wilson a murder investigation leads Judy searching for a killer with disastrous consequences.
Tonight She Dies
When a woman hires Randall to pick up a girl from the train station, the bizarre disappearance of a man leads to murder. Stone is up to his neck for a murder he didn’t commit and a killer he cannot find.
Weeping Willow
When Randall Stone’s hired to follow a red-headed with a brown bag, everything goes wrong, and Stone becomes the prime suspect in a double murder.
Little Bo Bleep
She’s sprawled on the bed, but Mrs. Hartman didn’t look anything like she had earlier. The killer had made sure of that. He had used a knife. And now she looked at Randall Stone through her cold dead eyes. Stone soon discovered he is mixed up in a dangerous and dirty game with a ruthless killer.

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