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Created by: K. J. Harrowick

To celebrate 13 weeks of winter, K. J. Harrowick of Hàlön Chronicles conducted one interview a week for 13 weeks. Visit the HC Winterviews page to read all the interviews and partner spotlights.


Erotic Speculative Fiction Romance Author, Kaelan Rhywiol:

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Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m an over-educated wise-arse. I speak sarcasm as a second language, and I’m Asperger’s. When I first started writing it was to write down an incredibly detailed dream (I was 11) and I’ve never stopped, though I only got serious about publishing for the second time about a year ago. I’d just finished my third full manuscript in last years NaNo (2015), and after editing it, a friend encouraged me to plug into writer twitter. Lol, I learned how much I needed to learn, found critique partners and beta readers and have been querying that novel since around June 2016. I’ve also queried the other two, to no traditional success. I write a lot of short stories and novellas as well as longer books. Before deciding I’d really try to publish my work, I’d been writing custom kink stories for private clients for a while. Basically, people would tell me their kinks, what they wanted their characters to look like and I’d write the story to their specifications.

I have been and done a lot of things over the course of my 40 years, because, maybe due to my Asperger’s, I’ve never felt like anything fit. After being a CSI-tech/forensic anthropologist (which is what one of my degrees is in) and turning down a job with the FBI (should totally have taken the job offer); I did a stint as a history teacher, but teaching to the test just didn’t work for me. In my younger years, I taught riding and worked as a dude ranch trail guide. In the winter, I worked at bookstores. During university, I taught Middle Eastern (belly) dance and Arabic hand drumming to earn money. I did a stint as a high-powered sales rep to the US gov’t, federal defense division, and I’ve met some interesting people through that. I’ve been to interesting places most people don’t get to see, but sales is such a soul-sucking type of career that I honestly didn’t last long before I burned out. I had swine flu one year, and that pretty much ended that career because not long after I developed fibromyalgia and had to take a medical leave.

Turns out why nothing ever fit is that I’ve been ignoring my calling for a few decades. Writing and editing professionally, those things are what I’m doing now, and I hope to keep being able to do full time for the rest of my life.

What types of books do you write, and why?

Kinky! I can’t think of anything I’ve written other than my very first novel which will likely never be unshelved (it’s probably terrible, so terrible I don’t want to even look at it to SEE how terrible it really is) that hasn’t been consensually kinky. Most of my novels are polyamorous, and everything I write is diverse in as many areas as I can authentically or sensitively represent. I tend towards mixed-ethnicity, pansexuality, genderqueerness and kink, but I can’t think of anything other than trans that I don’t write about. The only reason I haven’t *yet* written a trans character is that I don’t want to do harm. There’s a sheer dearth in diverse titles to read. I like the different, and I want more than mono-romance to read. Fortunately? I can write it. As far as genres, I write Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy with heavy romantic elements, and Science Fantasy. I haven’t yet tried to write more than Memoir in young adult. I’m pretty sure my style doesn’t support YA writing, but if I ever develop it, I’ll write in that age group as well.

You can find the full interview on Halon Chronicles:


Dr. Shealyn MacConnelly, PH.D buried her father on her birthday, and getting drunk to mourn both her father and brother seemed the thing to do.

Rian, Shea’s long lost beloved recently moved back to town with his lover, Jai. Returning from a project, he finds out her father has died.

Jai and Rian have a secret, one that Shea needs to know. They’ll have to convince the stubborn scientist before it’s too late and she learns it for herself, the hard way.

A kinky, erotic romance novella with R.A.C.K style BDSM and a m/m/f polyamorous Ménage.



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