You Should Still Be Mine

You Should Still Be Mine

by A.C. Taylor  (Author)

For way too long, Nina has spent her days loving a man that can’t love her back—at least not the way that she deserves to be loved. Headstrong and proud of the woman that she is, Nina knows her worth. But when it comes to Dallas Eagan, she finds herself losing sight of everything. Ready to let go of what she knows will never be, Nina decides to move on and put her past with Dallas behind her. But the second she embarks on her quest to find true happiness, she faces a drastic change—a change that forces her to question every move that she makes.

Nina is everything that Dallas could ever want in a woman. She’s fun, sassy, and an amazing mother to their daughter. Without a doubt, she’s the only woman that truly holds the key to his heart. Unfortunately, he struggles to be the man that she wants him to be. For the majority of his life, Dallas has enjoyed the freedom of being with whatever woman he chooses, whenever he chooses. He answers to no one and he makes all the rules. But just like anything else, rules are made to be broken and when Dallas least expects it, that’s exactly what happens.

Mistakes will be made and rules will be broken, but when the dust settles a decision will have to be made. Will Dallas and Nina put their pride aside and build a life together? Or will they allow past mistakes to ruin what could be?

512vUJOUWuL._SY346_(Note: This book is a spin-off of Let’s Make Love Tonight. Although it can be read as a standalone, it does contain several spoilers from that title.)

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AC Taylor


AC taylor
AC Taylor

A.C. Taylor is a contemporary romance author from Little Rock, AR. At a young age, her imagination took her on a journey that would forever spark her love for writing. In 2015, she was given the opportunity to pursue her dreams as a published author, and since that moment, she hasn’t looked back. She’s currently the author of more than six titles and continuously working on more. With the goal to entertain her readers, she creates realistic characters that are full of life, humor and plenty of drama.


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