Making Progress

Making Progress: Life’s lesson through the eyes of an addict Kindle Edition

by Brady Moller  (Author)

Every decision you make today will have an impact on your future decisions tomorrow, regardless of where you fit in this game of life.

Sometimes we make decisions fully believing that it was our best decision and ends up being the worst decision we could have made. What’s important though is how fast we are willing to get back up and start again. Each piece has to keep moving. Mistakes are made and learnt from.

Such is the game of life.

Making Progress is a book written through the eyes of an addict and is dedicated towards understanding mental illnesses and gaining freedom from the most problematic areas. It’s written in a easy to relate and practical sense.

Bold. Informative and story telling. This book will help to start crafting a new and happier you.

Making progress covers my entire journey through addiction, depression, constant fear and anxiety. It covers the moments where I have decided to fight for my life back.

In this book you’ll learn how to overcome life’s most challenging obstacles:

1) Understanding where we all live in this life

2) How to effectively deal with life’s difficult problems

3) Letting go and forgiving

4) Why that feeling of spiritual emptiness exists and how to deal with it.

5) Learn to ask for help

6) Trust issues

7) Dealing with Jealousy

And much more.

Written by owner of Addiction and Mental Wellness site:

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Brady Moller


Brady Moller
Brady Moller

Brady Moller (1990) was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. For the early parts of his childhood, he was bullied, struggling with an alcoholic parent and never quite fitted in. During his teenage years, he had developed an addiction problem himself and spend many of his early adult years fighting the off the chains of addiction and other mental illnesses.


He is currently the owner of Addiction and Mental wellbeing site: and has self published his first written work in a book called: “Making Progress”

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