Beautiful Mistake: The Rise And Fall Of The Barnes Brothers

Beautiful Mistake: The Rise And Fall Of The Barnes Brothers

by Nikki Brown  (Author)

“Blood don’t make you family, loyalty does” is a saying that the Barnes Brothers live by. Their troubled childhoods lead them all to the woman who would change their lives forever, Ann Barnes. Her and her brother Ray take the boys in and raise them to be the men they are today but sometimes the past has a way of destroying what’s built.

Kayson Barnes, a born leader is focused on taking over his uncle’s business and he refuses to let anyone or anything get in his way. When “the one that got away” comes back within his grasp will he be able to handle the stress of keeping her happy along with what comes with being in the game?

Jaako Barnes is in a complacent relationship with his long time girlfriend Krista but his patience for her constant nagging is wearing thin. The only thing he looks forward to is the time he gets to spend with the woman he really loves, his lawyer Yameka. The thought of losing Jaako is not something Krista is willing to do but with the secret she’s holding she may not have a choice.

Omari Barnes lives his life day to day, all he wants to do is make money and keep his younger brother Denari out of trouble. Omari is put in an awkward position when he stumbles upon a situation that leaves him stuck knowing that either way he turns he’s gonna be betraying one of his brothers. Will he make the right decision?

Denari Barnes is as reckless as they come and he doesn’t care about anyone but himself. He gets himself into a sticky situation when he chases after the wrong man’s woman. Will his actions interfere with the family business? Or will the family have to handle his?

With lies and deceit at every corner, the journey to the top may prove to be impossible but the question becomes is it worth it?

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Nikki Brown


Nikki Brown
Nikki Brown

Nikki Brown, born and raised in Mooresville, NC. She comes from a very large, close-knit family. Nikki is married and has 2 beautiful children. Her passion for writing began several years ago with writing poetry and pouring her heart into her poetry notebook. She has always had an extreme love for urban fiction which planted the seed for composing her very own series. With her husband and best friend at her side offering persistent motivation and encouragement, she conclusively decided to wake up and follow her dream of writing. After sharing her love for urban fiction with her friends and family for several years Nikki is thrilled to be sharing her passion with avid readers across the nation.


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