The Order of Moonlight

Order of the MoonlightThe Order of Moonlight

by Lexi Miles  (Author)

Clair De Lune a young woman, who works at a small town café in the middle of nowhere, likes to live her life off of the radar. One afternoon that all changes when a wildly handsome mysterious suit wearing gentleman walks into her café. Intrigued to know more about the gorgeous enigmatic stranger, when he extends an invite to the masquerade ball later that night, she decides to meet him. Soon Clair finds that there just might be more to him than meets the human eye. Is Clair ready to step into his magical world of passion?

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Author Interview – Lexi Miles

Q. The Book The Order of Moonlight is A Vampire Romance is a paranormal Journey of Love Have you had a paranormal experience if Author Interview Stamp smallso do you care to share?

Yes, I have had a few paranormal experiences, but the one that jumps out to the forefront of my mind was one night when I went with a group of friends to the movies as a teenager. The movies neighbored the creepy Winchester Mystery House. We had some time to kill before the movie and popped over to the Winchester Mystery House to look around the lobby. Tours were over for the night, but one of the sweet older staff members, in full period costume, told a friend and me that sometimes ghosts appear to visitors via the window or in various spots of the house. She assured us that they were friendly. I am brave, but in some cases, I do embrace my inner chicken. That is code for, I am a card-carrying Scooby and Shaggy type of chicken when it comes to possible spooky encounters, not a fan of the scary, so friendly ghosts or not, in that moment, I was done entirely at Chez Creepy House. With that, I booked it back to the safety of the theater and when I looked back at the house I saw someone in the upstairs window. Later I found out that not only was that figure not supposed to be upstairs in the window, but no one else outside of myself and a friend saw the woman who had spoken to us. Needless to say, to this day, with the jury being out if that woman I talked to was a ghost or not, I don’t make it a habit of going too close to that place. That was enough ghostbuster excitement and fun for this girl. (Giggles.)

Q. You write spicy fire-injected stories of red-hot, steamy, erotic encounters and sweet tender romance of love that lasts forever Have you ever had to edit a scene out of a book?

The answer to this one is both no and yes. Let me explain. As far as editing a scene out completely because it was too steamy, no. I tend to only write what is appropriate for the characters. If I feel that it is a bit too much I will trim it down, but still, leave the scene because it usually feels like a natural moment for the couple. However on the flipside, yes, I have edited out scenes [that aren’t romantic] in some cases because they have slowed the pace of the book or aren’t pivotal in driving the action of a story.

Q. How do you transition from writing steamy Encounters to Sweet Tender romances?

First, I like writing multiple works at once to maintain a fresh writing atmosphere. That means I transition between steamy novels and sweet novels all the time. I make the shift relatively easy because I like writing each of those voices when it comes to romance. If I do too much of one, I can get burned out. Also, the way I make the actual transition is I close the document, have a quick stretch break, and return to the other style of project. As I transition, I will listen to music and reread a bit of what I wrote in the past chapters. That usually does the trick of getting me on the page of the vibe to whichever story I am writing.

Q. What was an early experience where you learned that Love had a language?

One year I found out that one of my friends was not going to be able to give out Valentine’s cards. They wanted our friends to have something nice regardless and so I helped them make them. With all the love and care that my friend put into those cards just to be sure everyone knew how special they were to them, it hit me how much I valued that homemade card more than any of the other store bought ones. That investment of time, tender loving care, and genuine desire to make someone smile spoke to and meant everything to me. It rocked my being and made certain things like that with special effort matter more. And to me that was Love. Those actions expressed love in a way that went beyond words. To this day, something like that still matters most to me. Love speaks its own language and it is deep, profound, kind, and matchless. It is felt and understood in a way that is all its own language.

Q. What draws you to writing about Vampires?

When not writing my contemporary, this could happen to everyone, romance novels, I have started writing about my favorite paranormal creatures Vampires because I adore them. This is most likely due to the fact that I grew up watching and reading all about Vampires. I could have a degree in vampire studies. (Giggles) I love so many tales of traditional Vampires or not so traditional Vampires: Dark Shadows, Love at First Bite, Dracula the Series, Buffy and Angel, Vampire in Brooklyn, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Interview with a Vampire, Nick Knight and so many others. However, more recently, Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, and one of my absolute favorites The Originals have all caught my fancy. I adore the intensity of the way Vampires feel, see, and express love. Sometimes Vampires may spread the love around, but for the most part, I really love that they are intense monogamists. With Vampires, being with that one soulmate gets hotter with the deepening of trust and love in their relationship. They worship their lover, not in a religious way, but in the way in which they say I adore and value you. I hold you more precious than any other thing in life. That’s really quite yummy. Vampires are such sensual, charismatic, decisive, and powerful beings. Everything about them from being magical, mysterious, and passionate has seduced me; accordingly, that seduction made it a natural evolution to write about them. In addition to all of those reasons, I really like that forever love is truly forever with them. Love without end is crazy hot in my opinion.

Q. What do you believe defines love?

Love can be defined in many beautiful ways, but today I will say that romantic love is an unselfish open heart that aches to quench every desire innocent or not of another. That reach extends to supporting dreams, letting one’s walls down, trusting someone in all ways, acceptance, rooting for them, and being a home for your lover. There is so much more that defines love, but that I believe is a great start. (Giggles)

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About Lexi

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Lexi Miles

Lexi Miles was born in northern California. Lexi lived in various places in California and Nevada (Las Vegas and Reno). Tropical warm spots and out of the way ranches are Lexi’s favorite escapes. She has one sister, Cat. Presently she resides in California and is a proud pup mom of two mischievous Yorkies. They are handfuls and most definitely light up her life!

Cultivation of Lexi’s writing is attributed to a lot of reading, variety of writing contests, her college studies in communication, and her association and mentoring from professors, published authors, and editors. In addition, she credits the tool of LIFE in general as one of the key factors in the development of her writing. Lexi personally edited and consulted for various published novels as well.

Lexi embraces who she is and is a huge fan of positivity; accordingly, she loves to giggle and make others smiles as often as she can. Lexi, has a deep interest in personal growth and is always open to learning new things that challenge her. On her off-time, she adores the chance to binge watch/read a good romance, mystery, suspense, or life stories in general. Whenever possible, Lexi tries to help others achieve their goals in life. Lexi strongly believes that life is an incredible gift and is to be enjoyed!

Lexi fell in LOVE with writing—head over heels in love—from the time that she could first hold a pen and she just never stopped falling. Lexi loves writing romance; she believes there is something extraordinary about the magic of love shared by a couple. Lexi is thrilled to pen that beauty of love on paper!

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