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Rayshonda King
Rayshonda King

Rayshonda King (AKA) Sygne T Monee is a 34 year34-year-old of three. She was born and raised in Hartford CT, but recently relocated to Atlanta GA.

Rayshonda has six books published including four under her Pen name *Sygne T Monee*. Which are Hood Secrets Love & Lies 1&2 and Assassination of Love 1&2.

Rayshonda signed to Shan Presents in March of 2016 and released the following titles: Bossin Up: An Atlanta Love Story and Up and Fell For A Bad Boy: An Urban Romance.

Reading has always been one of her favorite hobbies, along with watching TV and listening to music. Rayshonda was inspired by a variety authors to write her own story. She loves writing because it simply takes her to another world where she can be the BOSS and escape reality.

Undeniable: A Teenage Love Kindle Edition

Rayshonda King Undeniableby Rayshonda King  (Author)

***Rerelease of Hood Secrets****

Every hood has its secrets and ever hood wants that hood love.

Nique knows what she knows and won’t let anything change her plans. All she wanted to do was finish school and go to college. One conversation with Hood has changed her plans and has her looking for answers of her own. Once someone close to Nique ends up in a hospital bed there is nothing that will stop at nothing to find out who pulled the trigger. Will playing I spy get her answers she wants, bring her new enemies or get her killed in the process? Looking in all the right places for answers sometimes leaves you in the right place only at the wrong time.

Hood is the head man in charge, and out for revenge for the death of his father. As soon as he finds the link to avenge his father’s death he finds himself falling in love with the one person his heart is set on killing. With emotions coming up a mile a minute will he be able to focus on the task in front of him or will he get caught slipping in that Hood Love? Will he follow his heart or let his trigger finger do the loving instead?

Tiff is only looking to make her late father proud of her. When her long time crush Kev and Hood right-hand man Nick started coming at her will she be able to keep a hold on her life? Will one night and one reckless move change her path for what’s ahead of her?

Ron only wanted one thing from most women and that was what they could offer him in the bedroom. All that changed when he found out the one person who was always there for him was on her death bed. As always when things got rough he went to the person he knew would listen and truly care his best friend Nique. When emotions come out and lines are crossed will they still have a friendship to hold on too?

With love, lies, hate and confusion all around, will Hood, Nick, Ron, Nique and Tiff see the snakes that are coming at them before it’s too late?? Or will secrets be the reason for true love to be buried?

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