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Caroline Lentia
Caroline Lentia

Caroline Lentia is from the small European country Austria. She started writing when she was thirteen when a school-homework, a one page essay in German ended up as a twelve page fantasy story. Still full of ideas for this story she spent every day at home continuing to write and after four months several exercise books were full of fantasy worlds, aliens, kings and queens from other planets and mysterious creatures.

At the age of twenty-four Caroline concentrated on music. She played bass in a rock band and wrote the majority of the lyrics. The ideas for fantasy stories were still in her, but it wasn’t the right time and place to write them down.

Things changed when Caroline turned thirty. The band didn’t exist anymore and a special person inspired her to write new stuff: erotic short stories. Within two years more than 50 stories came into existence. Although Caroline didn’t dare to publish her ideas at the start, some copies were spread throughout her friends which all were very excited about the content.

Family and kids made her pause again for a few years – but you can’t stop a writer whose mind is full of dreams and pictures and stories. The now written stories were a combination of the ideas of

her early years and the erotic fantasies of a grown up woman. Soon hot alien males met women from Earth and showed them their way of making love. Fairies from parallel worlds fell in love with human

rockers or wild dragons were tamed by the sensual touch of a woman. Again friends were “forced” to read the novels (the truth is, they were eager to read them) and the feedback was so positive, that Caroline started to get her stories translated from German into English to conquer a big market with her books.

Sooner or later every day of hers ends up in writing. And if she’s not writing a hot story, it is something about music, because music is and will be her second love. Besides spending time with her beloved children, she loves being outdoors in the beauty of the Austrian mountains and she is very passionate about cooking. Maybe there will be a cooking book too in the future. Maybe a cooking book with erotic receipts, sensuous music and tips how to serve these dishes appropriately.


by Caroline Lentia (Author)


Caroline Lentia Awakening

Far away from Earth, in the deep of the universe, a galaxy is ruled by Gods and half-Gods.

Choms young queen Daria is the child of them all. Raised on Earth and her true destiny evolving on Chom, she has to fight hard to keep the balance between mortals and immortals.

The Chronicles of Chom is the story of her life.

For half of her life Daria was looking for a unique man – A man that would be able to give her what she needs and satisfy her hunger and desire for love, but no one she ever met on Earth could give her what she wanted.On his home planet Chom, Passio is known

On his home planet Chom, Passio is known notoriously for his countless affairs and his rough life as the leader of the caste of war. No one believes that this wild warrior can be tamed. But the he gets new orders: Find the long lost young Queen and bring her back to Chom…

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