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Chloe Quinn

Chloe Quinn was born in Northern California right in the heart of what is known as the Silicon Valley. There she grew up with her younger sister Alex. Though she was raised in California, Chloe spent most of her summers either in Hawaii, New York, Texas, or Nevada. She still currently lives in California a few miles away from the beautifully eclectic city of San Francisco.

Chloe graduated from a high school located in the south part of San Jose. After high school, Chloe decided to attend a junior college where she graduated with her AA in Humanities. She then went on to attend UC Riverside where she majored in Communication and Behavioral Studies.

One thing Chloe enjoyed while growing up was volunteering at her local hospital. During her life she continued to be in service to others. She went on several missions over the years. On these trips she found herself, along with the group she went with, building structures for children in less fortune countries in order for them to be able to receive an education, get medical attention, and attend a house of worship, among other things.

Chloe loves to write. This love was sparked for her during her tender years as a child from hearing bedtime stories at night. She loved how someone took the time to sit down to write the dramatic tales filled with brave heroes and strong heroines. She is thrilled she is able to have the privilege of writing stories that she hopes people will enjoy and ignite their love for reading like the stories Chloe heard when she was a child did for her.

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Where did your love of storytelling come from?

My love for storytelling actually came from reading or should I say from hearing fairytales/ fiction stories when I was a child. I was the kid that loved to have a bedtime story before I went to sleep. Eventually when I went to school, I learned how these stories where created and knew that was what I wanted to do.

What did you enjoy most about writing Daphne?

What I enjoyed most about writing Daphne was discussing the topic of what happens when your plans for your life takes an unexpected turn toward disaster. I liked being able to talk about how Daphne handles the blows life throws at her. Also, I liked discussing how the world around her views her and how she deals with it especially after she is forced to move back to the small town she grew up in. However, I also liked writing about the triumph of the human spirit as well.

What inspires you to be romantic?

What inspires me to be romantic? Well I would have to say music. I love to listen to it especially when I write. I have an entire playlist consisting of songs I like to say “set the mood”.

Daphne is a CFO for a production company in San Francisco Is anything in your book based on real life experiences?

Of course there are some real life experiences weaved into the story. One of those experiences is unfortunately that I had to return to my hometown and had to start over. It was a challenging time for me which is why I was happy to pen it on paper in Daphne.

Do you have any advice on true romance?

My advice on true romance is simple, don’t forget yourself. You want whoever you fall in love with to fall in love with the real you not some version you try to be to make that person happy. I believe that is the one true way to have a long lasting true romance.

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by Chloe Quinn  (Author)

Daphne Gate has just lost her job as the CFO for a production company in San Francisco. Devastated by the unexpected change to her life, Daphne now has to return home to the small town of Donna’s Gate, Ca. Not ready to face her family because of the dismissal from her job, Daphne rents a house on the outskirts of town. There she meets her handsome neighbor who works at the Christmas tree lot, Brayden Carpenter. Instantly, Daphne is charmed by his great looks and his kindness. But she soon finds out that she’s not the only one smitten with the handsome man from the Christmas tree lot. How will Daphne cope with all of the life changing experience in her life now, one of those changes being the devilishly gorgeous Mr. Carpenter?

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