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Janae M. Robinson
Janae M Robinson

I am a mother, student, and teacher. My first love is reading which over the years pushed me into writing stories to share with others. Janae M. Robinson is my pen name dedicated to my 3 children. My goal is to write stories that will captivate my readers while teaching a lesson.

I also enjoying singing. Music, books, and writing are my outlets.

Crumbling Down

by Janae M Robinson  (Author)

Janae M Robinson Crumbling Down.jpgTamara has always felt like she was the black sheep of the family. Although she was smart, she never really had any friends. Her mother was always too caught up in her latest boy toy to pay any attention or even properly raise Tamara.

Right before the start of high school, Tamara or “Tami” gets a break. Her older sister, Iesha, sends for her to come and complete high school under the sunny skies of Miami. Sounds awesome, right? Maybe not quite, Tami is exposed to things that she never heard of or could even dream about.

Erica becomes Tami’s new best friend. They spend countless hours together just being your typical teenage girls. They hang out, they tell each other secrets, they join the same activities, and eventually they even get boyfriends. Life still seems perfect right?

After no longer fighting their feelings Tami hooks up with Erica’s bother, Brandon and the drama begins. Tami suffers a major loss. Brandon is becoming ‘the man’, but they still manage to stick it out and are truly in love. Will the young teens become successful adults or will environmental circumstances make the foundation that they have built all come crumbling down?

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