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Kell Frillman
Kell Frillman

Kell Frillman resides in the heart of Pioneer Square in Seattle and enjoys coffee houses, movies, and appletinis. When she’s not writing, sleeping, eating or doing other necessary human activities, she works hard at her day job with an animal rescue that saves lives one dog and cat at a time. Although she tolerates the human race and enjoys the roller coaster rides her fictional characters take her on, she first and foremost attributes the successful completion of each novel to the patience and support of her beloved pets.

Dark World : The Surface Girl (Volume 1)

by Kell Frillman  (Author)

Kell Frillman Dark World.jpgIn the year 2078, a sixteen-year-old girl named Ruby lives in an underground complex designed to protect humanity from a planet that post-alien invasion, can no longer sustain life. While exploring abandoned passageways with her secret lover, Ruby stumbles upon a lost little girl with plenty of secrets of her own. Submitting to her compulsion to protect this child, Ruby begins to question the validity of everything she had been brought up to believe in. Caught between the desire to be loyal to her loving parents and the desperate need to uncover the lies that surround her, Ruby fears that loyalty to one person she loves will inadvertently cause her to betray another. Stuck in a whirlwind where the lines of love, hate, fear, confusion, and forced ignorance are blurred, the lives of those she holds dear are dependent upon whom she chooses to trust, protect and believe in.

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