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Jessica N. Watkins
Jessica N. Watkins

Jessica N. Watkins was born April 1st in Chicago, Illinois. She obtained a Bachelors of Arts with Focus in Psychology from DePaul University and Masters of Applied Professional Studies with focus in Business Administration from the like institution. Working in Hospital Administration for the majority of her career, Watkins has also been an author of fiction literature since the young age of nine. Eventually she used writing as an outlet during her freshmen year of high school as a single parent: “In the third grade I entered a short story contest with a fiction tale of an apple tree that refused to grow despite the efforts of the darling main character. My writing evolved from apple trees to my seventh and eighth-grade classmates paying me to read novels I wrote about kids our age living the lives our parents wouldn’t dare let us”. At the age of twenty-eight, Watkins’ chronicles have matured into steamy, humorous, and realistic tales of African American Romance and Urban Fiction.

In September 2013, Jessica’s most recent novel, Secrets of a Side Bitch, published by SBR Publications, reached #1 on multiple charts.

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(Love, Sex, Lies – Part 4) Love Drug

by Jessica N. Watkins  (Author)

Jessica N Watkins Love Drug“Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive…”

Love Drug is a potion of aspiration, sex, passion, and deceit. Once again, the ladies of Femistry are up to their old tricks with the same habits but new drama.

Tricey has always been one of those women that were able to attract a man that will take care of her. Her loyalty to her men has earned her such. Back with an old fling, she has found herself, once again, a very kept and comfortable woman. Yet, no amount of labels, diamonds, or luxurious cars can blind her to the fact that she is very much unhappy. Her constant search for real unconditional love pushes her back into the arms of old heartbreak and leads her down a course of trickery and dishonesty. While struggling with the choice of being comfortable or genuinely happy, trouble is right under her nose and waiting for her to slip.

Vic has returned to the Love, Sex, Lies series with old problems, but new solutions. She is determined to keep her past from effecting her present, by any means necessary. With a revelation that would shake any woman to her core, will Vic let the truth of her past heal or harm her future?

Though Star is serving a fifteen year sentence in Michigan State Women’s Prison, she is still susceptible to the stresses of a free woman. Her past as an escort and hustler have taught her how to survive in prison using her feminine wiles. However, as always, those feminine wiles get her caught up in the most peculiar dilemma. In the end, the biggest question will be, will Star find an answer to this dilemma fast enough to save her life?

Once again, the ladies of the Love, Sex, Lies series are back with lives that will keep you on the edge of your seat and with an ending that will leave you wanting so much more.

Series Order:

  • Love, Sex, Lies
  • Love Hangover (Love, Sex, Lies 2)
  • Grand Hustle (Love, Sex, Lies 3)
  • Love Drug (Love, Sex, Lies 4)
  • Bang (Love, Sex, Lies 5)
  • Love Me Some Him (Love, Sex, Lies 6)
  • Good Girls Ain’t No Fun (Love, Sex, Lies FINALE)

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