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K. J. Harrowick

K.J. Harrowick: Winterviews, Writing, and More

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So you’re doing this Winterviews thing. What’s that all about?

Winterviews (Winter Interviews) is one interview a week for the thirteen weeks of winter.

Starting 21 December 2016, I post one interview a week with an author or artist. It’s a chance for up-and-coming talent to showcase their work, their techniques, and share a little of their voice and personality with the world. This is the first year running, and we’ve got an Indie author with several published books, a celebrity burlesque dancer, and other amazing talent we’ll be checking in on throughout the season. I’ve even got a few surprises up my sleeve for January.

Anyone who wants to check it out, the official kickoff article and blog hop is on my blog. Feel free to comment and say hi to any of the interviewees. None of them bite, unless they’re erotic romance authors, but you may enjoy that. ^_^

Who can we expect to see featured in Winterviews?

The official list can be found on our blog hop:

A.J. Super || A.Y. Chao || Christopher Woolf || Dianna L. Gunn || Ian Barnes || Jennifer Galambos || Kaelan Rhywiol || Maria Guglielmo || Max W. Miller || Morgan Hazelwood || P.J. Midnight || Sara Bond || The Shanghai Pearl

Host: K. J. Harrowick

What are three things you’d like people to know about you?

I write Science Fiction and Fantasy. Whether it’s in the realm of space ships and lasers, or dragons circling the skies while medieval warriors ride across mountainous terrain, my stories always have one thing in common: no earth. I prefer readers to experience distant planets, exotic worlds, inner magic vs technology, and fantastical languages that push the limits of thought. Each story is part of a fully-formed universe with its own system of laws, boundaries, and behavior rites.

My characters tend to be older, emotionally (and sometimes physically) tormented, with lives they’ve already lived and destroyed. The stories are about second chances, sometimes even third and fourth. Characters who had happiness (or not) and were plunged into a darkness out of their control. It’s about the fight to regain their humanity and recover some small portion of themselves, but ultimately become smarter, stronger, and ideally change the world around them a little bit.

I love to world-build. It’s my favorite thing about writing any tale – digging beneath the strata of each character’s life to understand the history, language, customs, and a legacy of belief systems arising from powerful, influential moments in the lives of their ancestors. When these tiny details coalesce together, it creates both a shared and individual driving force for each sentient being.

Have you always been interested in writing? How did you get started? Why did you get started?

I’ve had a strong imagination and dreamt vividly about many things nearly all my life. When it came to writing… nope. Hated it. In fact, when I was younger, school assignments were always about the most atrocious things and I’d choke down slapping words together and researching tedious, unromantic, earth-based facts. I found no pleasure in the tasks, which pushed me deeper into my own escape – fantasy worlds.

As I got older, I discovered a love for world-building and forum-based RPG (role-playing games). The very first characters were on an old Wheel of Time free-site forum and were horrendous. Thankfully, that place no longer exists. Yet, it opened my eyes to how liberating it could be to pull ideas from my head and put them down in a readable, tangible form.

Thus, began my adventure. Since then I’ve created two unique universes, two fantasy languages, nine manuscripts in various states of completion, written adventure quests for a mobile video game, and written guide books for role-playing sites.

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