Nisha Brown (Author)

Nisha Brown

Nisha Brown is a native of Atlanta, GA but has resided in CA for the past ten years. She developed a love for writing in elementary school after being a major bookworm herself and spending most of her spare time reading. She was always the kid that had a great way with words. Even though she was a cheerleader and straight A student in her adolescent years she developed a wild teenage lifestyle that landed her in juvenile hall and the foster care system. In the system is where she crafted her writing skills even more because that was all she could do. Her first novel Miss Caramel took her five years to write after a situation where she lost her home, had no computer, and had to live in her car. Her goal as an author is to tackle real life issues with women in general such as stripping, drugs, homelessness, low self-esteem, prostitution, bad relationships, and overall self-worth. Nisha takes pride in motivating others and in spite of the dark past she takes part in being quirky, funny, and fun. Currently she works as a supervisor at a call center and is putting a lot of focus in raising her two beautiful children.

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NISHA miss caramel

Miss Caramel

by Nisha  (Author)

Miss Caramel is a twenty-four-year-old stripper who resides in Harlem. Although she is a beautiful mixed-race female, she faces a lot of negativity from the black females she attempts to befriend, because they feel she is not “hood” enough to hang out with them. As a result of self-esteem issues and trying to fit in, she gets caught up in the drug game, and starts sleeping around with boys from the hood. In addition to her self-esteem issues, she must also fight through being a good mother, experiencing homelessness, being taken advantage of by her abusive children’s father, and trying to find love in all the wrong places. No matter which way she turns, it seems as if life and time is not on her side until she learns a valuable lesson that the only person she can really trust to love her wholeheartedly is HERSELF.

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