Shawn Starling (Author)

Shawn Starling
Shawn Starling

Shawn Starling is a native of Richmond Virginia. The father of two girls, grew up in Mosby Court, one of the city’s worst projects where he chose the life of crime. As a result, he end up serving 9 years in federal prison where he taught himself how to write. Shawn was released in July of 2013 and while on house arrest he typed up his debut novel, Real Recognize Real. He’s penned several novels since, including his new release, Wrestling Demons.


The Finale to Real Recognize Real

by Shawn Starling (Author)

Shawn Starling StalemateThe pawns have been removed, leaving the kings with only a few major pieces. While some search for other pawns, others have bishops and rooks taking shots from deep. Then there are the queens, some moving as expected, while others attack the board without direction. This is the finale you have all been waiting for and when it’s all said and done, there can only be one king. The only exception to that rule is when the game ends in a stalemate.

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