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To celebrate 13 weeks of winter, K. J. Harrowick of Hàlön Chronicles conducted one interview a week for 13 weeks. Visit the HC Winterviews page to read all the interviews and partner spotlights.


J. P. Midnight

Science Fiction Author, J. P. Midnight:


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Tell us a little bit about yourself.

For how confident my Main Characters can be, I sure am pretty shy for an author. Just kidding. I’m likely to tell you a little too much about myself. Don’t those first three lines already say the world about me? Not enough?

Well, it all started years ago. When I was a young boy, I always had a story to tell. I’d always be talkin’ – talkin’ for miles. My family members used to always say, ‘you should write a book.’ But I didn’t like books. Surprise! They were always this dry stack of old crusty papers I had to read in order to get a passing grade in school. (Ghetto school systems, yo :P)

So, I grew up on video games and movies, basically. Thankfully it was during a time when CGI wasn’t everything, or fancy graphics. Back then, storytelling was the name of the game and franchises like Final Fantasy was my poison. So I got in my reading, along with a grand adventure to crazy new worlds. It wasn’t until college that I opened up to the idea of books and writing. Alright? Origins out of the way

About five years ago, I had an idea for an amazing story after getting fed up with some recent movies and shows for being so.. crummy. So I said to heck with it, I’ll write my own story, my way, the way that I like ‘em. Only took a few chapters to realize I had a passion for it. Only took a few CP’s to realize that I was like a seagull with a paintbrush. :p My writing back then could have very well been considered a crime against humanity Naw, I’m j/k. I do that a lot. It was bad though.

Here’s a little silver lining, one-liner, to sign me off with for this question: I stuck with it, got better, honed my craft and skills, and even if nothing comes of my stories, I’m glad I learned all that I did.

What types of books do you write, and why?

I’ve always liked stories with deeper meaning, the one’s where like if you choose to glance at it from afar, it’s a pretty good story, but if you decide to dig in, there’s more, and more the deeper you go. I like all characters to have a deep and rich storyline, even the minor ones. This may not exactly translate to my two or three recent stories as they are a WIP – but, rest assured, I’ve spent plenty of time with each of my MC’s and Villains thinking about many aspects of their lives, writing up interviews and mixing and matching them to see what happens.

So … yeah. Sci-Fi mostly, though I’m working my way toward a Horror story. I suppose it might be due to my early exposure of fantastical new worlds from games like Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Final Fantasy, none of which ever did a good job on the big screen. Play the games DO NOT watch the movies. But, to be fair, that’s bad advice at this point as most people couldn’t handle the blocky graphics of PS1/2 games these days

You can find the full interview on Halon Chronicles:

BrokenFate.jpgBroken Fate

Work In Progress

The US Department Of Defense contracts a Private Military Force known as SCOR to investigate a mysterious, supernatural outbreak on the tropical island of Samoa. Four brave women, under the highest level of secrecy, will investigate in order to prevent WW4; but nothing is as it seems.


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