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To celebrate 13 weeks of winter, K. J. Harrowick of Hàlön Chronicles conducted one interview a week for 13 weeks. Visit the HC Winterviews page to read all the interviews and partner spotlights.

Morgan Hazelwood

Fantasy Author, Morgan Hazelwood:

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Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I was born in Philly (Philadelphia, PA) and raised in Virginia, as the daughter of a librarian and a network engineer. So, of course I grew up to be a software engineer by day and writer by night.

Over the years, my hobbies have included fencing, longsword, lifting weights, reading, dancing (studio and social), and cosplaying. As a younger identical twin, I have the distinction of having “cosplayed” Princess Leia before I could hold my head up, due to my mother cosplaying Luke/Leia’s nanny when she could still cradle each of us on an arm.

I also have a habit of hostessing. I’ve hosted annual parties of up to 120 people. I was a volunteer for a local anime convention for several years- thanks to a severe web-comic addiction and a fondness for cosplaying and helping out behind-the-scenes. I now help run a support group for YA writers who are at the point of looking for agents for their finished (or as finished as a novel ever gets) work.

What types of books do you write, and why?

I write fantasy that leans towards YA, partially because that’s what I like to read myself. (I’m scared to try writing Urban fantasy, though). My current novel started as a few scenes in a dream I had many years ago. The only way for me to find out who the people were and what happened to them was to write the story myself. After three attempts, I finished my rough draft 3 years ago. Now, I’m working on turning that rough draft into a polished tale.

You can find the full interview on Halon Chronicles:


Work In Progress

I’m currently working on INK AND SNOW, the sequel to my first book, INK AND FLESH.

“In a world where those with blue patterns on their skin are known to be ripe for demon possession, Lilyen, a devout young woman struggles with her faith when she finds herself marked. On the run from the church’s elite forces, she learns the truth about her marks, what happens to those who are marked and their loved ones, and what happens to those the church claims to favor. Lilyen has a sister to save. No rebel sanctuary, corrupt church, nor overprotective parent will stand in her way.”

I just finished its final round of edits, and am hoping to query come Spring. Fingers crossed!


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