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Adam DaileyAdam Dailey’s history as a professional athlete, entrepreneur, sports marketer, traveler and speaker shows that he has always followed his passion. He’s also tended to go off script more than once in his life. Dailey’s spontaneity (and search for inspiration) are what drove him to spend a year traveling the world – with his family in tow. At the beginning of their year-long sabbatical, this included four children under the age of 7!

Dailey inspires others to change their lives through travel. He is the Co-Founder of FunLy Events and the Founder of Beer Marketing. He has keynoted at various conferences, has sold multiple businesses and is the recipient of awards such as Inc. 500, Forty Under 40, San Diego’s Most Admired CEO and more.

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Dailey and his family call La Jolla, California their home base.

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How to Run Away From Home:

And Bring Your Family With You

by Adam Dailey  (Author)

51fqbpnA8CLPerhaps you’ve dreamed of escaping the stress of your everyday routine by taking a year off to explore the world with your loved ones. Maybe you’ve thought about changing your life but dismissed it as impossible. It’s not. The Dailey family did it, and Adam is here to show you how to take the plunge and stop making excuses.

Adam Dailey’s history as a professional athlete, entrepreneur, sports marketer and speaker has shown that he’s always followed his passion. When he put his professional life on hold to take a twelve month “family sabbatical,” the future of his business was uncertain and his young school-aged son was struggling with a sensory disorder. But instead of waiting for a “right time” that might never come, Adam, his wife, and their four small children set off on an epic global trek.

How to Run Away From Home is an essential how-to guide as well as a fascinating tale that includes castles, narrowly avoiding Brazilian prison, and swimming with dolphins. Dailey supplies all you’ll need for your own successful sabbatical—from how to plan and finance it to schooling on the road to dealing with the unexpected and managing obligations back home.

There are risks, but the rewards are enormous. All it takes is spontaneity, flexibility, and the courage to take the leap!


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