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Paula OZ

My name is Paula OZ, I live in Portugal and I am a Writer with several books edited, namely:


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Book of poetry “Soul Traveler”

Book of poetry “Naked Moon”

Book of poetry “Naked Moon II”

Book of poetry “The Kiss of Words”

Book of poetry “Silence and skin” I / II

Autobiographical novel to be edited: “SegredOZ – the other side of life”

(Based on true facts) for December 2017

I am the author and publisher of several anthologies, namely: “The Essence of Senses” volume I, II and III, “Between fado and samba”, “The cry of silence”, “Life and Death” and “ART Poetry “.

I am a lover of words, I love poetry and because poetry loves me, I love every time I write.

I appreciate a good reading, a good poem, a good story, I like painting and photography, theater and everything that culture involves. There is a phrase from my own and what I feel and that says:

Culture has VOICE

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Since I was little girl, writing, the words, made me feel alive and always in love, like a kiss in the soul, a timeless embrace that I always received and I receive from words. Today, I do not live without writing, without poetry, and I’m only full and happy when I write, because at the same time, I’m crying … smiling, screaming, speaking with my soul, I can wake up my memory and nobody hear, only the poetry, words always hear me and always challenge me.

What the soul feels, the heart consents… Poetry always hears the voice of feeling.

Why did I decide to write books?

An outburst, a tear, a feeling, sharing, yes, sharing, making known to the world, my readers, the emotion of the soul, the pleasure of the skin, the mystery of the woman, the OZ, feel what I feel when I write , because only by feeling, can they read me and understand my books.

I really enjoyed writing my last book, named “Silence and Skin”, perhaps because this book is part of a secret, so having 2 stages of editing, the reader has to decipher between the lines what I feel and want to convey, the silence is the soul and the skin are the senses. (Because everything has a sequence and a secret to unravel) I gradually become naked, I speak with the soul, the body and the mind, the pleasure of the senses in an endless ecstasy. This book speaks of sensuality as part of boundless love, a desired love, the journey of passion in a flight in complicity with eroticism, after there is a second chapter that speaks of love in three strands, suffering and longing love. A lost love …. The joy of love,  unwanted death. Silence … this is the mystery that hides another secret, and the reader or the readers will have to feel and listen to the words that I leave on each page, to listen to, another secret …. that is there, the Poetry always reveals something about me, but in order to know how to reveal it, you will have to feel it and I will leave several clues throughout the chapters … several doors to open, windows … In the silence of the night, sing the poetry in me

I’m your dark secret. I am a dream and a fantasy.

Who am I?

Your silence and your skin.

Between what I am and do

Always live a poem

Where hatred does not breathe .

Entre o que sou e faço

vive sempre um poema

onde o ódio não respira.

If the land of words

sow dreams,

 The wing of your smile would be a shelter

between fruit and thirsty shadow birds

sprouted the thalamus of a love with you

 In the intervals of the soul

I breathe the leaves of eternity…

I know of a library

with honey shelves

pages singing bonfires

moist skin with verses

 I know that somewhere there is the home of the soul

alchemical copulations and hidden in bloom

timeless memories

amber moon breathing love

 I know of static rocking

imposing, crystalline, unicellular

and the salty words

like a sea glass

 -Remember I can be a book –

 There are worlds you do not know

I am a body


Soul house

Maybe a poet

Read and decipher

where the dream was not heard

 I will tell you, where the love is

O Beijo Das Palavras (Portuguese Edition)

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