Tanya Sands (Author) Exclusive Interview

Tanya Sands

Tanya Sands is the pseudonym of a stay-at-home mom who, having written but not published short stories for years, finally took the leap and published her passion. When she’s not writing she’s raising her 2 young boys and 3 furbabies while her husband supports them all by driving all over the country as a long haul truck driver. She is the youngest of 6 and a proud vet of the US Air Force. She’s also the granny to a beautiful boy and has another grandbaby on the way.


She was born on a military base in Hawaii and grew up in Upstate NY. Living in the Dallas, TX area she is proud to call her new state home!

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Exclusive Interview

Q. Do you have a set schedule for writing, or are you one of those who writes only when they feel inspired?

I don’t have a set schedule. However, the document I happen to be working on at the time is open on my laptop pretty much 24/7. That way when something comes to me, I can write.

Q. Do your novels carry a message?

In my Chasers series and the upcoming Inked Chasers trilogy, all my female heroines are curvy women. The only message my books carry is that it shouldn’t matter your size, color or sex. Love is up for grabs for everyone.

Q. How much of yourself do you put into your books?

I see myself in every one of my heroines, even if in a small way. My husband has read my 1st book and he said my Randa Michaels is so much like me it’s uncanny.

Q. You write using a pseudonym can you tell us why you chose to write under a pseudonym?

While I’m sure some authors might worry about an unsavory fan, I guess it never occurred to me. My reasoning was merely because I didn’t think my real name was very interesting.

Q. You’re a veteran of the US Air Force how have you incorporated that into your writing?

Through my parents, I learned that being the best person you could be (to yourself and to others) is very important. This carried over into my military life. I took a lot of pride in how I acted, how I treated others as I saw it a reflection of my branch of service and didn’t want to dishonor it. I guess I try and make my characters the same, the best THEY can be. Now, that’s not to say that I and THEY don’t have flaws, but generally speaking I try to keep them to behaving like good people.

Q. Is there anything you are currently working on that may intrigue the interest of your readers?

My Chasers series is about ½ written and I’m hoping to continue it in a different city. However, I do have a couple of standalone stories that I’m working on. One is a younger woman/older man idea and the other is an MC with a mafia feel to it.

Captured Pleasure

(Chasers BBW Series) Book 5 (The Chasers)

by Tanya Sands  (Author)

Captured Amazon.jpg**All royalties from the sales of this book to be donated to Honor the Sacrifice, an organization that aids military veterans and their families.**

Bradley Michaels moves to the west coast to be closer to his family. Through a military commitment he meets a young woman who immediately grabs his interest. Thinking they have a connection, he is shocked when he sees her with someone from his past.

Kellee Drake snags a great opportunity to not only be part of a great charity fundraiser for Honor the Sacrifice but a chance to get her name out there. Through this gig she meets two guys and is instantly attracted to both. Thinking the worst of herself, it isn’t until the three of them are together that things get curiously interesting.

Ayden Jones lost his best friend in high school over a relationship. Or rather a lack thereof. But the suggestion freaked his friend out. Years later a simple photo shoot brings them together.

Can Bradley and Ayden mend their friendship and find love with Kellee? Can Kellee come to terms with her feelings for both men?

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Eva Pasco (Author) Exclusive Interview


Eva Pasco

While living a charmed life, Eva Pasco’s summer employment during college served her well for learning how to relate with all kinds of folks and roll with the punches whether gluing eyes on pairs of lion slippers at Capitol Heel Lining, collating booklets at Sidney-Higgins Bookbinding, or getting down and dirty at H & H Screw Products.  Eva attributes her youthfulness and resilience to a 29-year teaching career in the trenches at Northern Lincoln Elementary.  Midlife restlessness prompted her to revive a dormant flair for writing.


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Author Interview Stamp smallExclusive Interview

Q. What kind of research do you do, and how long do you spend researching before beginning a book?

Actually, I not only conduct research before beginning a book, but throughout the process of writing as the need arises to provide information for blurring the demarcation line between fiction and nonfiction.

Since my author signature is that of incorporating local setting—my native state of Rhode Island—my research delves into historic events, geographic entities, and regional culture as it fits into the parameters of my work in progress.  For ‘An Enlightening Quiche,’ which features an impoverished mill, my research chased such topics as: The Industrial Revolution and Slater Mill of Pawtucket, RI; the Blackstone River; French-Canadian immigration to northern Rhode Island; colloquial expressions and cuisine.

For authenticating my protagonist’s introspective narratives, my research swerved to the Eighties, and then backpedaled to D-Day during WWII in conjunction with a minor character.  I also meticulously looked up the weather for specific days in the year 2011, the year I have envisioned my story taking place.

Q. What period of your life do you find you write about most often? (child, teenager, young adult)

My first 100 Memoirs relate incidents which occurred during my childhood and teenage years during the Sixties, and are featured at The Sixties Official Site where I have my own Web page. However, my novels feature women forty and older.

Q. What are the ethics of writing Women’s Fiction?

For me, it is about writing stories that dispel the clichés that accompany the genre of Women’s Fiction by the coined term, “Chick Lit.”  The label conjures an image of frivolous, lighthearted fare with book cover images of cocktail glasses, designer handbags, and high heels.  Whereas, Women’s Fiction taps into the hopes, fears, and dreams of females.

I like to bill my novels as “Lit with Grit” because they embrace realism and portray women over forty who grapple with, confront, and overcome their personal dilemmas to become empowered in making profound life changes for the better.  My novels are descriptive, introspective, and explore the gamut of inner conflicts: convention vs. rebellion; fate vs. free will; loyalty vs. betrayal; unbridled love vs. sacrifice; death–inevitable or tragic?

Q. It is often said that in order to write something, you must believe in what you are writing. Do you agree with that?

I agree with this statement wholeheartedly. It’s the belief that propels a writer from start to finish despite frustrations along the way such as being at a loss for words on any given day, or not being satisfied with the quality of your output during a writing session.

Q. What does the word ‘retirement’ mean to you? Do writers ever retire?

After retiring from a teaching career, I revived my dormant flair for writing, and put in even longer hours than before!  Though I often struggle with the notion of walking away, resenting all the time an Indie author must invest in marketing one’s published work, I can’t do it just yet.

Q. What do you do in your free time?

I welcome the change of pace that running errands affords. I enjoy the simple pleasures of going out for breakfast or lunch.  Since Rhode Island has 400 miles of coastline and over 100 accessible beaches, I walk the shore throughout our four seasons. I also take great pleasure in driving along scenic routes listening to the radio. By the end of the day, I take comfort in reading and solving challenging crossword puzzles.

Q.  Describe your creative process from start to finish.

No outline.  No rigid plot to hem me in. You might say the windmills of my mind propel the story, whereby the end justifies the means to get there. From past practice, my characters sabotage the ending I have in mind. Believe me, I know better than to question their judgment!

Usually bursts of brilliance for how to best articulate an idea or parlay snatches of dialog overtake me when I’m away from the keyboard doing housework. I immediately turn off the vacuum or abandon my dust cloth to heed my inner voice by scribbling the message on a notebook kept on my desk for this purpose.  Another quirk of mine is to play music conducive for plying my mood to write a scene.  For example, listening to “Wicked Games” by Chris Isaak provided the heat I needed to better convey one of my protagonists’ thoughts on the subject of a certain male.

Q. What makes your latest book stand out from the crowd?

An excerpt from Joel R. Dennstedt’s 5-Star review for Readers’ Favorite indicates how my book stands out from the crowd—“As a stylistic practice in relating the story behind An Enlightening Quiche, Eva Pasco accomplishes a most difficult task for a writer, and she accomplishes it to perfection: not only using alternating voices, but having each voice alternate between the present and a remembered, expository past. The effect of such stylistic mastery is to create – breaking from the culinary theme – a sensationally intricate and complex tapestry as pleasing to the reader’s mind as such artwork is to expert eyes. And though this work has been labeled simplistically as “contemporary women’s fiction,” make no mistake: this is a psychological, literary novel, and a wonderful, highly challenging masterpiece of writing.”

An Enlightening QuicheShare a poignant excerpt from your novel, ‘An Enlightening Quiche’:

From Chapter 15:

Augusta – An inconvenient truth lay in the acquisition of a whiskey-soured premonition of a lost soul past her prime groping in the darkness through the thicket of another decade, then another, ravished by the winds of change. A vision of myself as a ghoul from Christmases Yet to Come appeared in the guise of a long-in-the-tooth trollop flicking fried-dyed hair and wearing age-inappropriate, skintight attire tautly stretched over my butt of a joke.  A comparable image satirized every night by Cohen at closing time inside the chamber of Chuggers put the fear of God in me.

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M.L. Spencer (Author) Exclusive Interview

ML Spencer
ML Spencer

M.L. Spencer was born in Southern California and grew up on the works of Steven R. Donaldson, Stephen King and Frank Herbert. She wrote her first novel-length manuscript at thirteen.

By day she works as a biology teacher; by night she sweats over a beaten-up keyboard. Her novel Darkmage won the Indie-Reader Discovery Award for Fantasy.

Her favorite authors are Robert Jordan, C.S. Friedman, George R.R. Martin, David Eddings, Patrick Rothfuss, and Terry Goodkind.

M.L. Spencer won 1st Place Prose in the San Bernardino County Writing Celebration and the 2012 IndieReader Discovery Award for Fantasy.

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SHATAYA SIMMS (Author) Exclusive Interview

Me & WebsiteTemple University graduate and a Philadelphia native, Shataya’s passion for writing began at the age of seven when she wrote her first short story for a school project. Since then, her writing style has flourished and continues to mature with her life experiences. After six years of service as a Project Manager, Shataya took a leave of absence to concentrate on completing her first novel, Living Anonymous and released it as a self-published author in October 2015 with much success. Shataya has since signed with NuClass Publications located in Philadelphia and has released her second book Nyce in January 2016.

“There are no rules in art; in creation. Art is a representation of life and life is messy so I love drawing outside of the lines,” is the creed that Shataya lives by. Although she embraces urban fiction, Shataya has plans on releasing a children’s fantasy series as well as venturing over into the paranormal world. Keep on reading!

Paula OZ (Author) Exclusive Interview


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Paula OZ

My name is Paula OZ, I live in Portugal and I am a Writer with several books edited, namely:


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Book of poetry “Soul Traveler”

Book of poetry “Naked Moon”

Book of poetry “Naked Moon II”

Book of poetry “The Kiss of Words”

Book of poetry “Silence and skin” I / II

Autobiographical novel to be edited: “SegredOZ – the other side of life”

(Based on true facts) for December 2017

I am the author and publisher of several anthologies, namely: “The Essence of Senses” volume I, II and III, “Between fado and samba”, “The cry of silence”, “Life and Death” and “ART Poetry “.

I am a lover of words, I love poetry and because poetry loves me, I love every time I write.

I appreciate a good reading, a good poem, a good story, I like painting and photography, theater and everything that culture involves. There is a phrase from my own and what I feel and that says:

Culture has VOICE

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Since I was little girl, writing, the words, made me feel alive and always in love, like a kiss in the soul, a timeless embrace that I always received and I receive from words. Today, I do not live without writing, without poetry, and I’m only full and happy when I write, because at the same time, I’m crying … smiling, screaming, speaking with my soul, I can wake up my memory and nobody hear, only the poetry, words always hear me and always challenge me.

What the soul feels, the heart consents… Poetry always hears the voice of feeling.

Why did I decide to write books?

An outburst, a tear, a feeling, sharing, yes, sharing, making known to the world, my readers, the emotion of the soul, the pleasure of the skin, the mystery of the woman, the OZ, feel what I feel when I write , because only by feeling, can they read me and understand my books.

I really enjoyed writing my last book, named “Silence and Skin”, perhaps because this book is part of a secret, so having 2 stages of editing, the reader has to decipher between the lines what I feel and want to convey, the silence is the soul and the skin are the senses. (Because everything has a sequence and a secret to unravel) I gradually become naked, I speak with the soul, the body and the mind, the pleasure of the senses in an endless ecstasy. This book speaks of sensuality as part of boundless love, a desired love, the journey of passion in a flight in complicity with eroticism, after there is a second chapter that speaks of love in three strands, suffering and longing love. A lost love …. The joy of love,  unwanted death. Silence … this is the mystery that hides another secret, and the reader or the readers will have to feel and listen to the words that I leave on each page, to listen to, another secret …. that is there, the Poetry always reveals something about me, but in order to know how to reveal it, you will have to feel it and I will leave several clues throughout the chapters … several doors to open, windows … In the silence of the night, sing the poetry in me

I’m your dark secret. I am a dream and a fantasy.

Who am I?

Your silence and your skin.

Between what I am and do

Always live a poem

Where hatred does not breathe .

Entre o que sou e faço

vive sempre um poema

onde o ódio não respira.

If the land of words

sow dreams,

 The wing of your smile would be a shelter

between fruit and thirsty shadow birds

sprouted the thalamus of a love with you

 In the intervals of the soul

I breathe the leaves of eternity…

I know of a library

with honey shelves

pages singing bonfires

moist skin with verses

 I know that somewhere there is the home of the soul

alchemical copulations and hidden in bloom

timeless memories

amber moon breathing love

 I know of static rocking

imposing, crystalline, unicellular

and the salty words

like a sea glass

 -Remember I can be a book –

 There are worlds you do not know

I am a body


Soul house

Maybe a poet

Read and decipher

where the dream was not heard

 I will tell you, where the love is

O Beijo Das Palavras (Portuguese Edition)

Chloe Quinn (Author) Exclusive

chloe author pic black and white
Chloe Quinn

Chloe Quinn was born in Northern California right in the heart of what is known as the Silicon Valley. There she grew up with her younger sister Alex. Though she was raised in California, Chloe spent most of her summers either in Hawaii, New York, Texas, or Nevada. She still currently lives in California a few miles away from the beautifully eclectic city of San Francisco.

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The Order of Moonlight

Order of the MoonlightThe Order of Moonlight

by Lexi Miles  (Author)

Clair De Lune a young woman, who works at a small town café in the middle of nowhere, likes to live her life off of the radar. One afternoon that all changes when a wildly handsome mysterious suit wearing gentleman walks into her café. Intrigued to know more about the gorgeous enigmatic stranger, when he extends an invite to the masquerade ball later that night, she decides to meet him. Soon Clair finds that there just might be more to him than meets the human eye. Is Clair ready to step into his magical world of passion?

Trailer – Order of the Moonlight

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Author Interview – Lexi Miles

Q. The Book The Order of Moonlight is A Vampire Romance is a paranormal Journey of Love Have you had a paranormal experience if Author Interview Stamp smallso do you care to share?

Yes, I have had a few paranormal experiences, but the one that jumps out to the forefront of my mind was one night when I went with a group of friends to the movies as a teenager. The movies neighbored the creepy Winchester Mystery House. We had some time to kill before the movie and popped over to the Winchester Mystery House to look around the lobby. Tours were over for the night, but one of the sweet older staff members, in full period costume, told a friend and me that sometimes ghosts appear to visitors via the window or in various spots of the house. She assured us that they were friendly. I am brave, but in some cases, I do embrace my inner chicken. That is code for, I am a card-carrying Scooby and Shaggy type of chicken when it comes to possible spooky encounters, not a fan of the scary, so friendly ghosts or not, in that moment, I was done entirely at Chez Creepy House. With that, I booked it back to the safety of the theater and when I looked back at the house I saw someone in the upstairs window. Later I found out that not only was that figure not supposed to be upstairs in the window, but no one else outside of myself and a friend saw the woman who had spoken to us. Needless to say, to this day, with the jury being out if that woman I talked to was a ghost or not, I don’t make it a habit of going too close to that place. That was enough ghostbuster excitement and fun for this girl. (Giggles.) Continue reading The Order of Moonlight


Maneater: A Valdosta Pynes Novella (The Clean Blood Series Book 2)

Maneaterby W. Charlene Ammons  (Author)

Life as the undead ain’t always easy in the Big Easy. Just ask Valdosta Pynes…

After being turned into a vampire by a fallen angel, Valdosta left the only home she’d ever known to start her life over on the haunted streets of New Orleans. Using her Dark Gift to help others, she is hired as a hit woman by a shady organization known only as The Conservancy. While on a mission, Valdosta’s life takes a dramatic turn when the target of her assassination survives the attack. Now, not only is she at the top of Heaven’s terror watch list, she’s being tracked down by a seasoned investigator with a nose for blood, and stalked by werewolves who may or may not have her best interests in mind.

In Maneater, the much anticipated sequel to Absconder, W. Charlene Ammons lures the reader back into the world of Valdosta Pynes. Unlikely alliances will be formed, family secrets will be revealed, and Valdosta learns the preternatural, much like humans, are not always as they seem.

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Author Interview Stamp smallAuthor Interview – W. Charlene Ammons

Q: What draws you to the Science Fiction & Fantasy / Horror Occult Genre?

A: I’ve always had a love for the strange and supernatural. I love the idea that life is not bound by just the things we see. I want to believe there’s more than just us, living here for 80 years and then going to nothingness. There must be something more.

One of the things I’m working on next is a steampunk children’s book dealing with time-travel. That’s something new to me, but I’ve always loved the idea of time travel…Ever since watching the show Quantum Leap as a kid.

As far as horror goes, I studied criminology in college and took a class on serial killers. I was obsessed with learning why they acted the way they did. My goal at the time was to become a profiler with the FBI. I wanted to be Clarice Starling. So, I suppose my roots into horror start there. After all, the real monsters are human, not some creature hiding under the bed.

Q.  Where did the story Maneater come from?

Maneater is the sequel to the first novella I wrote, Absconder. In this second installment, the protagonist, Valdosta Pynes, moves to the big city in an attempt to hide from Heavenly assassins and to begin her life anew as a vampire.

I’d been playing with the idea of a sequel for some time after writing Absconder. Fans who read it said they wanted more. I thought I wanted to transform Valdosta from a run of the mill vampire to one who uses her strength to help those who were like her (abused). She wanted to be the hero she didn’t have. So, I created her as The Maneater.

I’d have to say that of all the stories I’ve written, Maneater is by far my favorite. It has a comic book, superhero quality to it, and that makes me very happy.

Q. Are Valdosta Pynes experiences based on someone you know or events in your own life?

I think every character an author writes has a little bit of their souls tucked away in them; horcruxes if you will. As for Valdosta, her attitude toward life mirrors my own in so many ways. Some of the experiences with abuse hit home with me. In my former career, I was a law enforcement officer. I saw domestic violence first hand, far too often. Valdosta’s approach to eliminating crime is deviant, yet satisfies a need for all of us to see the bad guys receive an outlaw type of justice.

Q.  Have you ever had a Paranormal experience or an encounter with the Dark Gift?

Unfortunately, no experiences with the Dark Gift, although I had a guy ask me one time if I was a vampire ;). I have, however, had several paranormal experiences. Some very strange things happened right after my father’s death. Pictures and clocks flying off the wall, some of my father’s belongings being moved, fans and lights turning off and on. I have no doubt it was my Dad trying to communicate with us.

I also get strange feelings sometimes when I touch old things, especially in old houses. I’m very drawn to antiques, old home places and the cemetery.

Q. Do you view writing as a kind of spiritual practice?

I think so. I think writing can save your soul. When I say it can save your soul, I mean that not in the Christian way, but that it is therapeutic, saving a person from losing their mind. It’s a release. A ventilation system of sorts. If I’m depressed, I find it helpful to write. Angry? Get to typing, sister!

Writing is chicken noodle soup for the soul.

Q. What research did you do on the City of New Orleans; if any was it shocking to you?

I visited New Orleans a few years back and fell in love. I’ve only been there once physically, but I revisit it in my mind day after day.

So, some of the material I got first hand while traveling, either through tours or books I bought. The other part came from researching on Pinterest or the Internet. For example, I knew about the carousel bar, but I researched the history of it and the hotel on the website. While looking on Pinterest, I found a beautiful painting, which just happened to be hanging in the same bar. I quickly decided to tie it all together, making the lady posing in the photo the current owner of the hotel.

Another idea I had was to take the fleur-de-lis and give it an alternative history. I researched it, gave it a twist, and it quickly became the symbol of the supernatural.

W. Charlene Ammons

Charlene Ammons

Charlene Ammons was born and raised in Northwest Florida as the daughter of the local chief of police. After a twelve year career in law enforcement, Ammons left the field to pursue her writing career full-time. She is currently working towards her Master’s Degree in Library Science.

In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, dancing around her kitchen to the Delta Blues and chasing down ghosts on the Chipola River. She currently resides in the Florida Panhandle with her husband Brian.

Ammons has penned three novels: The Plan, The Lesson, and Gypsy Soul, all of which are a part of The Honeysuckle Chronicles series. She has plans for one more book in the series.

Her first novella, Absconder, was released in 2014 and the follow-up, Maneater, will release in November 2016.

She has also worked on a collaborative piece of fiction with local authors titled Tales From Beyond. Ammons’ short story included in the book is called The Crossroads. It was published in 2013.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theabsconderdownload

website: Honeysuckle5@wixsite.com/wcammons

Instagram: theabsconder

Twitter: WCAmmons1

Pinterest: wcammons

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Track You Down

Track You Down Kindle Edition

by Luis Samways  (Author)

A brand-new edge of your seat psychological thriller from bestselling Kindle author Luis Samways!

Stephanie Kurtis’s life is perfect. She’s got a great job. She has good friends. And to top it all off, she’s in love! Life could not be better. The fact that she lives in a small town is just a snag in her otherwise fulfilled existence. One day she plans on taking the world by storm. And why not? She’s young, attractive and smart. Sticking around Heavensworth isn’t in her long-term plans, but unfortunately for her, plans change…

It starts off with a strange text from somebody she doesn’t know. But then it escalates. Weird things start happening to her. Things that she can’t control, and before she knows it, her whole life is in ruins.

But some things just can’t be fixed, and Stephanie must contend with a vicious foe that will stop at nothing to track her down…

Can she identify her stalker before it’s too late?

Or will she get dragged kicking and screaming from her seemingly perfect life?

Find out in this riveting, bone-chilling thriller that will leave you absolutely dismayed!

WARNING: This book contains scenes that some readers may find disturbing. Reader discretion is advised.

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Interview With Luis Samways

Luis Samways

Q: What kind of research do you do for writing violent thrillers with twisted plots and depraved baddies?

A: “This is going to sound really bad, but to be honest, I’m not that much of a researcher per se! (Anyone familiar with my Sci-Fi will know that about me, haha!) But when it comes to research on baddies or plot ideas, I tend to get most of my inspiration from what I see around me, on the news, or through film and television.

I get inspired by historical bad guys, and have read a ton of stuff on serial killers. I also watch a lot of documentaries on TV, so the bulk of my “research” is done that way.

As for coming up with the murder scenes and various other inventive deaths in my stories, I just let my imagination run wild. I actually don’t like horror movies because I’m a bit of a scaredy-cat, so I use my inner most fears to fuel the thrills in my novels.”

Q: How did you develop Stephanie’s personality and did you intentionally incorporate any particular character traits for her?

A: “With Stephanie, I wanted to test myself a little. I’ve written female characters before, but never anyone like her. She’s a lawyer, so I figured that she’d be quite smart. But I guess she actually ended up a little different. So my original idea to focus on her intelligence soon morphed into something else entirely. I decided to focus more on her wants and wishes.

I assumed that someone as young as her on her current career path would have some regrets in life. I chose to use her social life as a catalyst in the novel, or more precisely, the fact that she didn’t have one.

I thought that her loneliness would help the reader relate to her a bit more. I also thought that it would help manifest a certain paranoia in her, a paranoia that could trick both herself and the reader into wondering if what was happening to her was in fact real or not.

Besides from that, I didn’t really intentionally ‘inject’ any personality or traits into her. She, like all my characters, evolved naturally.”

Q: What did you edit out of Track You Down?”

A: “All the bad stuff (hopefully!)…

… I tend to edit out all the junk that I find boring, like inner-thoughts from the characters, or stage directions if you will. (Character walked here, character looked there, ect. ect.)

I feel like that sort of thing slows a thriller down. When I’m editing, I start to notice annoying things I do, like describing the ground, or what someone is wearing. No one needs to know that stuff, so I cut it.

I also get rid of a lot of the swearing! By the time I’m done with the book, I’ve culled the bad words, and replaced them with smarter ones. I don’t know why I do it, but during the writing process, I get carried away and end up dropping all sorts of expletives onto the page!”

Q: Do you hide any secrets in your books that only a few people will find?

“I do. But Track You Down didn’t have any secrets really. It did have a few head scratching scenes, but I decided to leave them in there because I like people wondering what they meant. I supposed it’s a tactic I’ve used in the past, especially when it comes to a book’s final scene.

I like to leave people thinking about my stories for a little while after they finish them. It hopefully starts a dialogue between themselves and me, where they either email me asking me what the scene meant, or better, email someone else who may have read it and discuss the meaning of it with them.

Secrets and ‘Easter-eggs’ usually happen by accident. I don’t force anything in there, but when I’m editing through the final draft, I’ll come across something like that, and expand on it a little, giving it some sort of meaning.

My aim is to make people talk about my books, so anything like that is a good thing, but at the same time, I don’t strive for hidden meanings. I’m more concerned with entertaining people.”

Q: What was your hardest scene to write?

A: “The end, it’s always hard to say goodbye to a story. During the writing process, I always get immersed in the story and end up getting attached to whatever I’m creating. But when the end comes, I start to get apprehensive. I don’t like the idea of ending a story because in my mind I tell myself that there’s no going back now, which is ridiculous, because that’s what a rewrite is for!

None of the scenes in Track You Down were especially hard to write, but the ending does stand out a little in my mind. It was the big climax, and I’d been leading up to it during the whole story, so the payoff had to be big.

I don’t know if I pulled it off or not, I never do, but once the story is out there, the easy part is over and done with. The hard part is moving onto something else, something that is better than the last thing I wrote.”

Q: Is there anything that you want readers to take away with them after reading Track You Down?

A: “The only thing I hope a reader takes from any of my books is a good time. If they enjoyed the ride, and feel like it was worth their money, or more importantly, their time, then it was all worth it on my end.

On the contrary, if a book isn’t as well received as I would like, I end up beating myself up and feeling guilty. My only goal ever is to entertain, and if I fail at that, then in my mind, I’ve failed as a writer. I put a lot of pressure on myself to do the job and above all, do it well, so if anybody takes anything at all away from any of my books, then I guess I’ve done my job right!”

Q: What do you want readers to know about you?

A: “Apart from writing, I enjoy various other creative endeavors. I produce music as a hobby. My brother is a DJ. He’s reignited my passion for music and making it since we reconnected a year or two ago. I love hanging out with my wife Louise and our two cats, watching TV, and generally lounging about.

It’s quite embarrassing, but I’m a huge WWE fan. Have been since I was little. Wrestling was in fact my first passion, and I dreamed of becoming a wrestler when I was younger. If the WWE offered me a writing job (paid or otherwise), I’d probably drop everything in a heartbeat!

I know it’s a cliché, but I do feel like the luckiest man on earth sometimes. I’m able to make a living doing what I love, and I owe it to all the readers out there that ever picked up (or clicked on) one of my books.

I’ll be slogging away at this till I’m 100. I’ll never retire from writing, although I’ll probably think about slowing down on the output a little. A book every month and a half is tiring, but I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t love it, so I guess I’ll continue to write at the speed of light!”

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