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Karletta Abianac

Karletta is one of the masses of females who were diagnosed with Autism Spectrum late in life. She was 30 years old.

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HOUSE MAID: A story behind the suffering of a Sri Lankan Migrant worker in Saudi Arabia.

by Indika Guruge  (Author)

House Maid

A story behind the suffering of a Sri Lankan Migrant worker in Saudi Arabia. A mother of four children struggles to manage her family with a stubborn, drunken, worthless husband. She works in a local factory, but is not satisfied with the salary. She thinks migrating to a foreign land would be the only hope, and securing a job in the Middle East will just be the answer to all her problems. Flying to Saudi Arabia as a housemaid was a dream come true, and her place of work was her dream home. Yet, day after day, this woman comprehends her mistake and regrets her stupid action. She is trapped not only by the secured walls of the Arabian house, but also by rules, regulations, and her negligence on working in a foreign land. The money she hardly earned does not serve its purpose either, as her drunkard husband grabs it all, leaving a little to the family. After confronting serious suffering and torture, and at the heavy cost of her children’s safety, she realizes that money itself does not bring the contentment she desired, but the route to happiness involves many things more…

This story is inspired by true events faced by Sri Lankan female workers who have being migrating to Middle East countries as housemaids for many years. It reveals the reality of these dream jobs, the suffering they endure, the many aspects in their lives, damaged by these foreign jobs, and, above all, how their hopes of a better life through foreign employment, is shattered.

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Indika Guruge


Indika Guruge
Indika Guruge

Author and prominent businessman Indika Guruge has worked in the realm of real estate and property development for well over eight years. He is a director of The Guruge Group of Companies, a prominent outfit of property development and amusement parks in Sri Lanka.


Mr. Guruge has won several industry awards for his work within The Guruge Group and the industry itself, in the area of business management. He also handles several other companies.

Indika is a graduate of Royal College and an Honors graduate of National University of

Singapore, having earned his Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management. He has also studied graphic and interior design at the International Academy of Design.

Mr. Guruge has also written numerous books and short stories. His other hobbies include art and design, competitive sports and travel. He lives and works in Sri Lanka.

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